Electronic Prescription Service

Here are Simple Online Pharmacy we fully utilise the NHS electronic prescription service which in essence allows for your prescriptions to be sent from your GP practice to us electronically make the whole process more efficient and convenient for yourself as well as practice and pharmacy staff.

Some more benefits of the electronic prescription service include:

  • saving your GP time so they can see more patients each day as opposed to signing each prescription one by one which can be very time consuming
  • less wastage of paper which normally is kept in storage and then eventually shredded
  • you wont need to visit your GP to collect your prescription and then take it to a pharmacy. It will be sent automatically so won’t get lost or misplaced in transit.

Your prescription is also 100% traceable so we, as well as your GP practicfe, can check at any time where along the process it is, similar to the updates on our website from when it has been dispensed till it arrives to you giving you transparency and peace of mind.