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Vivid Liquids

The e-cig was invented over a decade ago to replicate smoking without inhaling the thousands of dangerous chemicals associated with it. Since then technology in both the batteries and atomisers used has become better and more efficient. Today, VIVID Electronic Cigarettes provide the highest quality in vaping available. Vivid E Liquids come in a variety of strengths and great flavours. From golden tobacco, menthol, cinnamon apple, berry blast and many more, there’s a flavour for everyone with Vivid Liquids. Vivid E Liquids Safety – E-cigs don’t contain the many carcinogens that are produced when you smoke a normal cigarette. They contain only a few ingredients, with nicotine in a solution ranging from 18mg/ml to zero. In addition there is propylene glycol, a colourless and odourless liquid that is used in the pharmaceutical and food industries which produces the smoke-like vapour when it is heated by the battery in an electronic cigarette. Every Vivid Liquid bottle contains a solution of water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavouring. When inhaling using the Vivid Electronic Cigarette a small battery powered heater warms the e-liquid and makes a smoke like vapour. Vivid Liquids are cheaper to use then regular cigarettes, and if you purchase them from Simple Online Pharmacy, you buy them cheaper, and save even more. And remember to also buy the essential Vivid Clearomiser

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