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Saxenda Needles - Carefine Pen Needles 4mm 32G x 100

You can buy replacement saxenda needles from our UK registered online pharmacy and doctor service.  We offer Saxenda injection needles in boxes of 100, delivered directly to your door with next day delivery available. 

At Simple Online Pharmacy, we offer needles for an additional price when purchasing Saxenda weight loss pens online.  You can select when buying how many needles you require, however you can also order additional needles if you require more without the need for a prescription.

About Saxenda Needles

Saxenda is a weight loss treatment that needs to be injected into the body.  The ingredient in Saxenda, liraglutide, works to suppress the appetite and can help with cravings for food.  Saxenda weight loss injection is recommended to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise.  Liraglutide is contained within the Saxenda injectable pen and in order to assist with administering the treatment needles are required. 

Saxenda is sold in packs which don’t include needles and these are sold separately,  Simple Online Pharmacy offer a range of needles which are suitable for use with Saxenda pens.

How do I order Saxenda Needles?

Saxenda pen needles are easy to order at Simple Online Pharmacy.  You can order boxes with 100 replacement needles included. The option to order multiple boxes of Saxenda needles is also available.  

What is in each box of Saxenda Needles? 

Saxenda needles are provided via Carepoint and come individually wrapped, both being sterilised and ready for use.  Each needle is made from stainless steel and is latex-free. Saxenda is a once-daily injection, so each box of needles, should last you 14 weeks. 

  • Open the packaging and peel open from the base of the needle packaging.
  • Push Needle into the pen and move clockwise until you feel it beginning to tighten.
  • Remove needle protector from both the other and inner parts of the needle.
  • Take care not to prick yourself with the needle.
  • Once the needle is used, remove from the pen and dispose in a sharps bin.

A new needle should always be used when administering Saxenda, repeat use of needles can cause blocking and affect the dosage from your Saxenda injection. 

You can purchase a sharps bin to discard needles at Simple Online Pharmacy here.


  • Can you reuse Saxenda Needles?

    It is not recommended to reuse Saxenda needles after each use. Repeated use can cause blockages in the needle and can have an impact on the dosage of Saxenda.

  • What Type of Needles can you use for Saxenda?

    Simple Online Pharmacy offer a range of products suitable for use with Saxenda weight pens. You can find them here and here.

  • Where do I inject Saxenda?

    Saxenda should be injected under the skin (subcutaneous) in the area of the abdomen (stomach), upper leg or upper area of the arm. Take care not to inject into muscle or veins

  • How long does a Saxenda Pen Last?

    The length of time your Saxenda pen will normally work can depend on which stage you are at in your Saxenda journey. When you first start using Saxenda, pens will last approximately 17 days with a daily injection. If you are purchasing the standard pack of five pens, this should last six weeks.

  • How does Saxenda work?

    Saxenda contains liraglutide, which is similar to the glucagon-like peptide-1 hormone produced in the body.   This appetite hormone works to regulate hunger and is released by the intestines after eating a meal. 

    Saxenda can help regulate the appetite, causing a feeling of fullness which can help you feel less hungry.  This is how Saxenda works to reduce calorie intake and help you lose weight

  • Where can I find out more around Saxenda Weight loss treatment?

    You can visit the SImple Online Pharmacy Saxenda Page here, or find out detailed information on the official Saxenda website by manufacturer Novo Nordisk website here.

  • Are Saxenda Needles Free with the Pen?

    When you purchase Saxenda pens at Simple Online Pharmacy, needles are not included unless you have purchased them as part of your Saxenda Package.


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